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Flodable Solar panel with high efficiency solar cells

Function and characteristics1. The appearance is fineness and tough with humanized design. The regularly uneven

surface, produced by special processing, can absorb more light and looks more attractive

in the meanwhile.2. Environment-friendly solar charging3. It is foldable and easy to carry so that it can be used anytime and anywhere.4. It is more portable and more efficient by using high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar

cells.5. It is ideal and necessary for outdoor activities. It can be easily fixed on the bag, tent and window by using the metal buckles and cupula, so the power can be generated easily

wherever the sun there.6. The high quality materials, for example the canvas, waterproof connectors, make it antiultraviolet and wearing resistant.7. Portable solar charger is essential for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and

outdoors military training. So that even in absence of power support, there is electricity as

long as there are sunshine and solar charge

Peak power:60W
Open Circuit Voltage:21.24V
Production Tolerance: ±3%
Short Circuit Current :3.67A
Maximum Power Voltage :18V
Solar Cell Type:Mono Solar Cell
Maximum Power Current:3.33A
Folding Size:515*215*41mm
Solar Cell Efficiency :18%
Unfolding Size 520*1220mm
Weight 2.8kg
Folding Times Over 5000 times
AII technical data at standard test condition:AM=1.5,E=1000W/mm ,Tc=25°C


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