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100w sunpower flexible solar panel

Introductions of solar panel:

1.Solar cell---------conversion efficency of solar cells: 24%-17%, and  ensures high performance and more     power under same condition    

2. Front glass------3.2mm, high transmission, low iron, tempered glass,to enhanced stiffness and impact  resistance      

3. EVA--------------excellent anti-aging EVA , to enhance the rigidity and stability of solar cells  

4.TPT---------------TPT hot seal made of flame resistance.      

5.  Flame-----------It equipped with drainage holes in order to eliminate the risk that rain or snow water may accumulate in the frame        

6.Junction box-----Ip65 rated, high quality, with diode protection

7. Bypass diodes --- avoid hot-spot effect.


1.High efficiency bendable solar module adopts the highest efficiency cell, with efficiency up to 20% or higher,which enable 25-30% higher power generation than the conventional PV modules at the same size. 2.By adopting the back contact technique,the cell can be coated with the flexible materials and finally forms the high efficiency flexible solar panel.

3.This kind of solar panel can be widely used in the field of Electric Golf car, Patrol Car,TravelTourism Car,Yacht,Roof Power generation,Backpack,Tent and so on.

4. High reliability with guaranteed +/-3% output power tolerance

5. The modules can withstand high wind-pressure, snow loads and extreme temperatures

6. Bypass diodes to minimize power loss with shading 7. High and stable conversion efficiency to ensure the highest quality

High-efficiency-semi-flexible-sunpower-solar-panel.pngSunpower-Solar-Panel-charger-30w-Semi-Flexible.pngChina-Manufacturers-Transparent-Adhesive-High-Efficiency-Mini (1).jpg2018-High-Quality-OEM-solar-panels-50W.jpgJH-SP-S1803002.jpgJH-SP-M1805001.jpgIMG_20170908_135225_HDR.jpg


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