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150w solar panel

Structure of Solar Panel:

1. Front Material: 3.2MM low-iron toughened glass

2. Back Material: White TPT\TPE

3. Bondable Barrier Film: EVA

4. Frame: Aluminum alloy plated with oxidation film

5. The warranty of a standard about 25 years/ 80% efficiency on maximum output  10 years / 90% efficiency on maximum and 5 years warranty on workmanship

6. Module size can be changed according to the customers' requirement

7. Standard testing conditions: Am1.5 25º C 1000W/m2  Efficiency  Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition High efficient, high reliable solar cells ensure our product output stability  Benefits  Manufactured in an ISO 9001: 2008 certified plant  High efficiency, high safety, high reliability  Output power tolerance of +/-3%  25-year limited warranty on power output, 5-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship


1) Excellent quality, competitive price, prompts delivery, on-time service and good reputation.

2) Fast sample delivery

3) Low minimum order

4) Fast shipment in 15~20 days on receipt of your payment.

5) We handle all the components needed for utility-connected systems, or for powering independent homes and remote industrial sites.

6) We offer knowledgeable tech support before and after the sale.

7) We manufacture the complete line of solar modules ranging from 3w to 300w with CEC, TUV, and CE approval, offering the full spectrum sizes, solar panels are as efficient as other competitors, but far cheaper-without skimping on quality.

Components & Mechanical Data  Junction Box in proof-water with TUV Certificate  Bypass Diode Rated 12A  Solar Cable & Connector: 4 m² With MC4 connector with TUV Certificate  1. Toughed Glass: The glass is super white cloth grain of toughened glass, the thickness of 3.2mm, the solar cell spectral response range of wavelengths (320-1100 nm), light transmittance over 91%, Ultraviolet light radiation, light transmittance is not falling.

Data sheet of 140W / 145W / 150W Poly solar panel :

Power of solar panel140 Wp145 Wp150 Wp
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)18.9 V19 V19.2 V
Maximum Power Current(Imp)7.42 A7.63 A7.83 A
Open CIrcuit Voltage(Voc)22.7 V22.9 V23 V
Short Circuit(Isc)8.33 A8.51 A8.69 A
Efficiency of solar panel13.97%14.47%14.97%
Power Tolerance0-+3%0-+3%0-+3%
Working Temperarure-45~75 °C
Pmax(Temperature)-0.44 %/°C
Voc(Temperature)-0.34 %/°C
Isc(Temperature)0.04 %/°C
Maximum system voltage1000 V
Size of solar panel1484x674x35 mm
Weight11 kg
Model of solar cellPoly solar cell
Solar cell156×156 mm
Quantities of solar cell36
Glass Thickness3.2 mm
Encapsulattion MaterialEVA
Back FoilTPT
IP rating of Junction boxIP 67
Output Cables4 mm2/900 mm

Remarks:Standard Test Conditions (STC): Irradiance 1000W/m2, AM 1.5, Cell temperature 25°C

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT): Irradiance  800W/m2, AM 1.5, Wind Speed 1m/s, Ambient temperature 20°C


1. +3% Positive Tolerance: Positive tolerance on label rating power provides higher kWh for money invested.

2. ARC Glass: Low iron, anti reflective coated glass gives 2% additional power gain measured at STC conditions.

3. Cell & Module Matching: Matching gives 2% additional power gain measured at STC conditions.

4. Independent Performance Verification: Independently verified by Photon and Oko-Test as amongst the best kWh/kWp output worldwide.

5. 100% Electro Luminescence: EL screening provides defect free modules.


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